HNC Factory Chiropractic Pain Management LLLT Laser Therapy Equipment

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1 Piece/Pieces (Min. Order)
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5000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Place of Origin:
Hubei, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
HY30-D (Enhanced)
package/ unit::
indications 1::
pain relief, neck pain, back pain
CE, RoHs, ISO9001, ISO13485
indications 2::
soft tissue wound, joints, nasal cavity and acupoints, ENT
easy and efficient, friendly interface
product name:
pain management laser equipment
gray white with blue screen
Physiotherapy diode laser equipment
OEM AND ODM are warm welcome
808nm and 650nm , diod laser
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neutral color gift box; 4pc/ carton; carton size:63*39*53cm
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5 working days after payment


HNC Factory Chiropractic Pain Management LLLT Laser Therapy Equipment
For Body Pain Relief, wounds, injuries, trauma

HNC Factory Chiropractic Pain Management LLLT Laser Therapy Equipment




1 pain relief, Knee arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Athletic system injuries, Soft tissue injuries,

2 Diminish inflammations, Wounds & Ulcers, Osteoarthritis, Acupuncture, Rehabilitation therapy






Function and Performance:


Laser therapy is a revolutionary new approach to control pain and accelerate soft tissue healing, most effective therapy to treat drug free, reduce need for surgery.



1. The laser light quantum entering into the human blood could enhance the activity of lipoprotein lipase, improve the oxygen carrying capacity and the deformability of red blood cells, thus activating and cleaning the blood, reducing the blood fat and viscosity, regulating the blood pressure.

2. Enhance the Enkephalin metabolism, speed up the endorphin release, the light quantum entering into the human blood through human skin could activate or induce T, B lymphocytes and macrophagocytes to produce cytokines enhance the immune power through the recirculation of leukomonocytes, strengthen the phagocytic activity of macrophagocytes, n order to diminish inflammation and odynolysis.


3. Increasing the blood circulation, enhance the metabolism of circulating materials, and improve the cerebrovascular blood-supply capacity.

4. Accelerate the growth of granulation tissues and new blood vessel, stimulate the protein synthesis, repair damaged cells & tissues and promote rapid wound healing.



Therapeutic Principle:


Low intensity laser also called low power, low level or soft laser of which the output power density is 1j/sq.m. level. Our multifunctional therapeutic apparatus combined with Chinese traditional medicine theory of acupuncturethe original "light acupuncture" and "light cycle" therapy. The light cycle therapy used low intensity laser in the role of medical science and combined with asupoint stimulation of traditional Chinese medicine. After low intensity laser applied to biology, there is no irreversible damage to biological organization, just cause a series of physiological and biochemical changes, such as anti-inflammatory and analgesic, convergence wound, desensitization, adjust the body function and so on, in order to achieve the cure effect.


Our Semiconductor Laser Therapeutic Instrument has been developed base on modern laser medicine and clinical practice. It adopts lowlevel laser with the wavelength of 808nm for medical use and 650nm for household use.


Laser therapy is a revolutionary new approach to control pain and accelerate soft tissue healing, most effective therapy to treat drug free, reduce need for surgery.



Advantage : 


1. Perfect combination of medical laser 808nm and home laser 650nm.
2. Security and stability of home laser as well as the exact effect of medical laser.
3. Available from 5mW to 755mW output and can be used while still plugged.
4. Creative systemic treatment mode of large surface exposure, nasal exposure and acupuncture point exposure  to irradiation.
5. A laser stabilizer specially added to perform with more stability.
6. High quality imported laser head, which has the long life-span.
7. Very stylish design, small in size, easy to carry and operate.  


Compared with other similar models, its special features:


1  The treatment process is painless, non-invasive, no trauma, green and safe.

2  Small in size, break through the characteristic of traditional technology products in bulky size.

3  A, B double sided LCD, clear and intuitive operator interface, easy to operate.

4  The power switch is equipped with safe spoon, new emergency switch, double insurance, safe and reliable.

5  The instrument handle is designed with hollow, easy to grasp, flexible in controlling.

6  With streamlined appearance and durable metallic probes



HNC medical laser therapy apparatus provides a non-invasive, pain-free, surgery-free, drug-free treatment
which is used to treat a variety of conditions and can be performed in conjunction with existing treatment protocols.

Relief and/or improvement is often noticed within 25-30mins per time treatment depending on the condition and your body response.



Applications for laser therapy include:


Treatment of arthritis, degenerative joint disease, or hip dysplasia
General pain management (sprains, strains, and stiffness)
Post-surgery pain (spays, neuters, declaws, and other surgeries)
Shoulder's pain, Tennis/Golfer's elbow
Fractures and wounds (bites, abrasions, and lesions)
Ear infections



How does it work?


Laser therapy delivers non-thermal photons of light to the body for about 3 to 8 minutes by the injured cells.
The cells are then stimulated and respond with a higher rate of metabolism. This results in relief from pain, increased circulation, reduced inflammation, and an acceleration of the healing process.


Results vary from patient to patient and most are enjoying life again within a few weeks.
The end result of low intensity laser irradiation is the restoration of normal function of the cell unit.


What can i expect during a laser therapy treatment session?


You will feel body pain relief and body relaxed. The almost immediate relief of pain will allow your body to become comfortable.



Main technical indexes:




Laser medium

GaAIAs Semiconductor

Laser wavelength

808nm and 650nm

Terminal laser output

11 laser beams with 650nm, 4 laser beams with 808nm, 1 laser beam with 808nm.

Terminal maximum power output

Probe A is 755mW, Probe B is 180mW.

Timing setting

10-60 minutes and 6 grades adjustable

Laser penetration


Output frequency under pulse mode


Working temperature


Instrument power consumption


Relative humidity

below 80%

Atmospheric pressure





1. No probe is allowed to directly aim to the eyes.
2. The laser energy has cumulative effect. Therefore the daily accumulative time of treatment (any probe) shall not exceed 40 minutes. The therapy shall be stopped when clinical symptoms are improved to prevent fatigue effect to laser. 
3. When the product is used for children, the treatment shall be carried out under the direction of the adults. 4. The laser allergic individual should not use it.
5. The elderly or weak individuals shall select short time mode (5 minutes) at the beginning of the treatment and gradually increase the time when they adapted to the product.





Company Information


Wuhan HNC  Technology Co., Ltd. established in January of 2005, is located in China Optics Vally( East Lake High-tech Development Zone). It's a high-tech enterprise specialized in the research & development, manufacturing and sale of various medical laser/physical therapy instruments. HNC always adheres to high-end R & D, efficient investment and high-quality output, dedicate to become a world-renowned R&D/manufacture center of medical laser/physical therapy instruments, as well as a flagship enterprise of the domestic health industry featured with production and marketing integration. 


HNC successfully developed many global leading semiconductor laser treatment instruments and other medical products with independent intellectual property rights, and have won the related national patents over 30 items. Our products with CE, RoHs, ISO9001, IS013485 approved,  welcome OEM & ODM!